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ClientMandalin Deli
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Mandalin Deli Preview

Mandalin Deli Concept

At Mandalin Deli you can easily find organic products for your healthy meals. most amazing delicatessen in the heat of Willesden Green with a large variety of choices can be found on the store or purchased online

Project Requirements:

Build an online organic store for a deli located in London, NW. Apart from running an online store, Mandalin Deli needed as well branding, social media presence and a presentation web site for the services and an exposure of the newly created brand.

The Challenge

The restaurant is running an independent online ordering system built on WordPress via Woocommerce. The delivery has to be done in a specific area restricted by several postcodes from London. Once a delivery is done the store is connected through the POS allowing the store managers to easily and fastly deliver the purchases.

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